Boosted Animals
Boosted Animals

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 Welcome Summoner!


Are you tired to stuck in Elo-Hell? You want to play in a higher division? No problem mate, we will help you!

In our Team are a lot of high-elo players, analysts and League of Legends Nerds.


We have different services:


-Elo-boosting (Our high-elo players take your Account to another level! We will reach that elo you wish!)


-Coaching (You want to become better? Want to destroy your friends or the other players in your division? Our coaches show you how! One lesson, one hour or deep coaching sessions, you decide!)


-Analysts (You lost a game and dont know why? We will watch your replay and tell you the reason! One of our analysts will show you in a Skype session how you do it better!)


-Videos (Every week you can find here new videos! sneaky tipps and tricks or just epic montages. Relax and enjoy epic videos!)

          Interested? Contact now!

Contact: Send us an E-Mail or add us on Skype! We will meet you whereever you want!


Payments: You have no creditcard? No problem! We accept Paypal and Paysafecards too!

  Watch the new Wukong Video!

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